I like being office girl. I like paperwork and getting stuff done. It makes me smile. I had a good weekend at work. We had very few behaviors and I got lots done. I had most of the paperwork done plus my normal stuff. I was exhausted when I got home. Today I have all of the filing done. The girls books that the state are going to look at tomorrow look really good. Tonight I am worked since a the bad staff quit and all the big stuff got done. I got skinned knuckles but all the closet doors are put back up and all the light bulbs have been replaced, and the wood work has been wiped down and is a pretty white color again.

I am a bit of a dork I am afraid. I got my days mixed up so C missed the first day of summer school. I have to take him in extra early tomorrow to get him set up and find out what he needs to do to make up for today. He can't miss anymore time or he won't get his credits. I have felt bad all afternoon.  

I am going to get a new teen tomorrow for the summer. K will be here tomorrow afternoon, and will be here for the summer again. I have to get the rest of his scout camp paid for. The troop treasurer is not happy with me right now it was supposed to be paid in April....oops. 

Ok i am going to bed I have to be up early to be a mom and get the house cleaned for the week.

Night all

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( May. 28th, 2009 12:14 pm)
I am a university student. I have enrolled in my classes for fall. I have my parking pass and my student ID. I have looked at the campus and am very excited. Now I just have to weight the 3 months to start. My classes aren't at bad times. I have two at 9 am and the other two are in the afternoon. That will work pretty well for the work study I am going to be doing. So I will have two jobs and go to school full time. That part scares me a little. I am going to worry about time until I get a feel for everything. So I hope no one wants to see me a lot.

In other news. I walked this morning 5 miles. I have walked on and off since last summer. I stopped doing anything sometime in October. I had lost 25 lbs. I gained 20 back between then and now. I am very proud of myself. I also started a food diary today. I don't weigh and measure, but I do write down likes like how many pieces or helpings I have. I also started on calcium and a multivitamin. 

C is enjoying his short break between school and summer school. He isn't really happy about going to summer school but he understands about getting stuff done so he can get it out of the way. He had cello today and said he did well. We have noticed that he doesn't focus well with anyone else there. It seems that extra people even his mom are a distraction for him.

I am going to have to work tomorrow we have someone out with a broken arm. They didn't set it right at the ER so they had to re-brake it today and cast it. It is also the last day of the staff person that totally annoys me. I am soooo excited. I am bad and karma will come back to haunt me I am sure for being so happy she is leaving. It also doesn't help that i have been actively trying to get her fired for a couple of months. In the last 2 years my girls have regressed so much. Its almost like having to start over again with them. It will be some hard work for the rest of us to get them back to where they were.

Off to bed with my little self. Night all
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( May. 26th, 2009 10:11 am)
The holiday weekend has passed us. It was not of the bad. I did work but only with 4 girls instead of the 6. So I was a little happier. Yesterday, my mom went to work instead of me. I truly just couldn't do it as I had just worked 48 hours straight. I instead went to see Wolverine with the gf and out to dinner. It was good. I then ran some errands for mom since she worked for me. I try and be a good kid.

I go tomorrow to enroll for my classes this fall. I am excited and nervous. One chapter has ended and a new one is begining. I have always hated change. It is my big thing. Why mess with the status quo if it works? Seriously I don't leave the city I live in if I can help it. I am not far from some great stuff. But if I hear something is in the next town over (which is truly about less than 10 miles away) I think that is to far why bother. Now I am go to school not far from home only about 30 min way. No big deal but out of my comfort zone. I am such a pansy.

In other news the girl child's mom is going home today. I will miss her a lot. She is the sister I have never had. It has been great having her here. But she and her hubby are thinking of making the 2000 mile move and coming here! Not only great so her daughters have their mom and brother close. They miss them both, but I get her too. That makes me smile.

Ok, I think I am going to go and nap. I got up way early this morning to take C to school. Its his last day in middle school. He starts summer school as a freshmen next Tuesday. I am excited and sad. My baby isn't so much of a baby anymore. He will be 15 in 3 weeks! It really doesn't seem that log ago when I brought him home. Ok all mommy teary now. I am truly sleepy...lol. 

Have a great day all!


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