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( May. 29th, 2009 09:07 pm)
Not much to say today. Just did the usual I have to be at work for 2 days stuff. Cleaned, changed the litter box, fed the cats, packed for work. This morning I walked 4 miles, then showered and started on my day. I have done pretty well writing down everything I eat even if I don't want to. I have to keep telling myself its after 7 you can't eat anything. I don't care that the ice cream in the freezer is calling your name.

I moved the computer from the living room to the room in the back and set it all up. Now all I have to do is clean the back room the rest of the way out.

Ok, I am off to shower again as I am now sweaty and dusty from cleaning and moving the computer and all its stuff.

Have a good weekend all!


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