I am kinda excited. I love new things (in moderation) and this is a new thing. I have gone through the search thingy and randomly added people to my circle. So if I added you and you have no idea who this random person is....now ya know.

I am kinda starting over. I have spent the last few years working on the inside of me (not that the outside couldn't use some work too) and I have some new goals for myself for the next few months. I don't do New Years resolutions its to easy to blow them off. I set short term goals and renew them or get rid of them based on how well they are working for me, or doing what I think I want done. I have come along way in my humble opinion.

So I am starting second leg of my education in the fall. I am going to school to get a bacholers degree in social work. I work with adults with develop mental delays and disablities. I usually work only weekends so I can spend time with the love of my life...my son. He is almost 15 now and getting bigger and more opinionated by the day. It has been a joy to watch him grow. It has also been the biggest struggle I have ever encontered. I think I am a much better person for it, and can not thank him enough for coming into my life.

With all that other stuff out of the way.....I am just a girl who likes to babble about my life and its cast of charactors. We have mom, dad, C, bsp (brother shaped person),   slb (sister in law to be),  middle girl, older girl, roo, ex hubby,  nsl (new wife in law),  and dreamy girl. I know its a lot but some get talked about more than others and score cards can be provided to keep track if one is requested. We also must not forget the zoo. I have a lot of animals. My mom is single handedly trying to get every stray cat in the nieghborhood fixed. Which is an awesome thing....but if she doesn't have the money to do it right then she will catch them and put them in my basement until she does. She will then feed them all. I have about 13 strays that eat on my front portch. I have 8 in the house. I also have 6 dogs 2 inside and 4 outside, and a white rabbit.

That is about it from here. I don't update really regularly but it is my goal to journal at least once a week. So you lucky people (if there are any) will get to read about my wild ride.


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