I like being office girl. I like paperwork and getting stuff done. It makes me smile. I had a good weekend at work. We had very few behaviors and I got lots done. I had most of the paperwork done plus my normal stuff. I was exhausted when I got home. Today I have all of the filing done. The girls books that the state are going to look at tomorrow look really good. Tonight I am worked since a the bad staff quit and all the big stuff got done. I got skinned knuckles but all the closet doors are put back up and all the light bulbs have been replaced, and the wood work has been wiped down and is a pretty white color again.

I am a bit of a dork I am afraid. I got my days mixed up so C missed the first day of summer school. I have to take him in extra early tomorrow to get him set up and find out what he needs to do to make up for today. He can't miss anymore time or he won't get his credits. I have felt bad all afternoon.  

I am going to get a new teen tomorrow for the summer. K will be here tomorrow afternoon, and will be here for the summer again. I have to get the rest of his scout camp paid for. The troop treasurer is not happy with me right now it was supposed to be paid in April....oops. 

Ok i am going to bed I have to be up early to be a mom and get the house cleaned for the week.

Night all



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